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Tuesdays through Thursdays; 9 p. Live music fills the establishment Tuesdays through Saturdays; expect soloists and combos playing a wide range of styles, The evidence of gas attacks and stocks of chemical weapons is irrefutable, The president has left the sales job to his secretary of state, considered pivotal in the case because he is the conservative most often willing to side with the courts liberal bloc. they can change it.In fact, The is on the verge of opening a new bridge that will separate Route 29 drivers from the Norfolk Southern tracks that cut across this important commuter route just southwest of the Interstate 66 interchange in the middle of Gainesville. She enjoyed the project enough to make "Going My Way, Stevens never set out to become a pop star.
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the burden of proof rests with the speaker,Honey-glazed salmon is too sweet; the filet mignon packing the recently introduced steak tacos is dry and vapid.” a manager sorta-kinda apologizes for a server’s mistiming. Other stories and event listings are published only for residents of one particular county or area. These sections target areas including Arlington-Alexandria, Before Bo came along to romp on the South Lawn and roam the White House hallways.""This would be an enforcement mechanism, And if there ever is an orphan in Washington these days, gun rights advocates trying to ride out outrage over Newtown may succeed. Calls for leaders to show "political courage" in the face of this strength are not enough. images and video of the Bezos findings are not public domain by default.Also while the Smithsonian knows that the engiens exist a spokesman for the National Air and Space Museum said it would be “premature” to say whether the museum would accept the artifacts since NASA had not formally announced results of their own analysis Were the artifacts offered to the National Air and Space Museum the spokesman said “we would consider it”Here’s a video of the retrieval work posted by Bezos Expeditions team: (Space-flight company is among those investments. but Kaiser himself didnt serve on the foundations board or own shares of the solar-panel manufacturer.The Pinocchio TestThre may be a circumstantial case that the president has provided favors to friends," 15192 Frederick Rd. Rockville 301-738-9798; 765 E Rockville Pike Rockville 301-545-1708 $575; entree with ground pork with rice $725Lavanya Ramanathan/The Washington Post
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follow us, we hope this account will allow you to stay up to date on the latest urgent weather information without all the fluff. though, who is in his first season as a full-time assistant coach after joining Coach Frank Beamers staff this offseason." Norris tells Comic Riffs today. AFP says." The interesting metric "whole bunch" made his principle mostly a loophole and advertised his reluctance to intervene a reluctance more sensible than his words last week: Syrias recidivism regarding gas is "" Regarding that entirety: If "community" connotes substantial shared values and objectives what community would encompass Denmark Congo Canada North Korea Portugal Cuba Norway Iran Britain Saudi Arabia Poland and YemenWords however are so marvelously malleable in the Obama administration that the Oxford English Dictionarys definition of "coup" ("a change in the government carried out violently or illegally") somehow does not denote Last week an Obama spokesman said: "" So convinced is this White House of its own majesty and of the consequent magic of its words it considers this a clever way of saying the law is a nuisance to "any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup" until the president determines that "a democratically elected government" has been restored Secretary of State John Kerry was perhaps preparing to ignore this when he said something Egypts generals have not had the effrontery to claim that the coup amounted to ""Perhaps Section 508 unwisely abridges presidential discretion in foreign policy where presidents arguably deserve the almost unfettered discretion they with increasing aggressiveness assert everywhere And perhaps if Obama were not compiling such a remarkable record of indifference to law it would be sensible to ignore his ignoring of this one But remember Libya Since the was passed over in 1973 presidents have at least taken care to act "consistent with" its limits on unilateral presidential war-making Regarding Libya however Obama was unprecedentedly cavalier even though he had ample time to act consistent with the Constitution by involving a supportive Congress As :"Obama has overstepped even the dubious precedent set when President Bill Clinton bombed Kosovo in 1999 Then the Justice Departments Office of Legal Counsel asserted that Congress had given its consent by appropriating funds for the Kosovo campaign It was a big stretch given the actual facts but Obama cant even take advantage of this same desperate expedient since Congress has appropriated no funds for the Libyan war The president is simply using money appropriated to the Pentagon for general purposes to conduct the current air campaign" Obama is as dismissive of "red lines" he draws as he is of laws others enact Last week a State Department spokeswoman said his red line regarding chemical weapons was first crossed "a couple of months ago" and "the president took action" presumably announcing (non-lethal) aid to Syrian rebels although "" The administration now would do well to do something that the head of it has an irresistible urge not to do: Stop talking If a fourth military intervention is coming it will not be to decisively alter events which we cannot do in a nation vital to US interests which Syria is not Rather its purpose will be to rescue Obama from his words Read more from or follow him " which also centered on the relationship between an elderly artist and his muse/model Its ruminations on art beauty sex and death went far deeperNot that "The Artist and the Model" which is shot in artsy black-and-white isnt good-looking And there is one really fantastic scene in which the two main characters are shown discussing a small reproduction of one of Rembrandts gesture drawings "A child being taught to walk" Cross sentiments about the drawing echo those of artist David Hockney who has called the Rembrandt sketch "" and who receives a "special thanks" credit at the end of the filmIts the one moment in "The Artist and the Model" when you might believe if not in the existence of God at least in the power of great art ??Unrated At West End Cinema Contains plenty of artful nudity as well as brief sensuality mildly crude language and an image of a corpse In French Spanish and German with subtitles 105 minuteslost between 2000 and 2009. that’s the official count from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.But could the official count be missing somethingIn a two economists point out that nowadays there are lots of companies in the United States that aren’t counted as manufacturing by the government but are still heavily involved in the manufacturing of goodsThe prevalence of these “factory-less goods producers”— Apple Inc is a prime example— suggests that the country might have more manufacturing capabilities than official statistics suggestThe authors Andrew Bernard and Teresa Fort of Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business define a “factory-less goods producer” as a company that designs and coordinates the manufacturing of various goods It just doesn’t have an actual factory or assembly plant; that part is usually contracted out Apple for instance does just about everything else in the United States except stitching its iPhones and iPads together That’s outsourced to ChinaRight now the Census Bureau these US companies as “wholesale” firms instead of “manufacturers” But that’s certainly an arguable point After all many of the engineers and designers at these firms would count as manufacturing workers if their company happened to have a factory in-house even though they’d be doing the exact same jobAnd this could really make a difference in the statistics Bernard and Fort estimate that if allfactory-less goods producers had been reclassified as manufacturers that would have added from 431000 to 1934000 workers to the US manufacturing sector in 2007 (The United States officially had about 14 million manufacturing jobs that year)There are a few caveats however In an interview the authors stressed that they weren’t able to tell how these numbers have changed over time— in part because the historical data on factory-less goods producers is inconsistent So it’s hard to tell how much of the manufacturing job loss since 2000 say is attributable to a shift toward factory-less goods production Researchers would like to explore that aspect in the futureBernard also noted that the rise of factory-less goods producers can’t account for the entiredecline in US manufacturing jobs which have fallen from 17 million in the 1990s to 119 million today:“We can safely say that the decline of manufacturing jobs is a true decline” he says “But that declinemay be mitigated by the fact that some of those jobs and capabilities have still stayed within the country”The upshot he says is that “we may have to rethink our knowledge of what manufacturing firms do”Further reading:– Here’s a from the Census Bureau exploring the question of whether producers of factory-less goods should be counted in the manufacturing sector– Is US manufacturing set for a comeback–or