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for whom she took over last fallMEMO TO: Board of Trustees Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenG Wayne Clough Secretary Smithsonian InstitutionRichard Kurin Under Secretary for History Art and CultureAll Hirshhorn Museum staffFROM: Connie Caplan Chair Board of Trustees Hirshhorn MuseumDear Hirshhorn Trustees and Staff Dear Drs Clough and Kurin:I hope this finds you well following an enjoyable holiday weekendAfter much thought and taking many factors into consideration I am writing to inform you that I have decided to resign as Chair of the Hirshhorns Board of Trustees In addition to personal reasons regarding other time commitments my decision is based on a series of events these past few months that I have found increasingly troubling and that have led me to prefer not to remain involved with the Museum and the Smithsonian at this timeI make this announcement with much regret since my admiration for both organizations especially in terms of their collections and research capacities continues to be as strong as the day I first joined the Board of Trustees What disturbs me is the contentious manner and lack of inclusiveness with which a number of trustees and staff associated with the Hirshhorn and the Smithsonian have behaved over the past year factors that also led to the resignations of the prior Board Chair the Director and several key Trustees and persistent indications that this behavior will only continueI am certainly not suggesting that 100 percent consensus on every issue has been - or ever would be my goal as Chair; this is not possible or even desirable with any governing body What I would expect at the Hirshhorn however is that as with all of the other leading nonprofit boards on which I have served an open and candid decision making process would prevail between our Trustees as well as between the Board and the Smithsonian as the Museums parent organization Yet as we have all seen in recent months this has certainly not been the case as witnessed by the shocking breaches in confidentiality inappropriate interruptions during Board meetings and other negative behavior In terms of decision-making as well I was also disappointed that the full Hirshhorn Board was not given the opportunity by the Smithsonian to carefully review and be apprised of the appointment of the Interim Director in advance a routine courtesy at other leading institutions and our boards right as stewards of the Museum and finally the utter disregard of my involvement in setting agendas meeting dates and Trustee activities of the Board (Perhaps I should have understood this concentration of power when accepting the position of Chair but now that it is clear it has become very troubling) whos now a freshman field hockey player at DelawareKarl said the Bulldogs wont have to alter their philosophy much this season since Winesett was more of a feeder constantly deferring scoring opportunities to teammatesWestfield had its opportunities racking up eight corners to South Countys twoThe Stallions saw their lead cut in half when Westfield sophomore Sara Ayoub scored on a feed from junior Stephanie Carrion with 26 minutes left in the second halfSecond half possession favored the Bulldogs and the shift in momentum prompted Pannoni to call a timeout with 17:50 left to play"I just felt like our intensity had shifted" Pannoni said "so I wanted to bring them together and pick them back up"But for Karl who called Wednesday part of a "learning curve" the Bulldogs efforts didnt merit a win"It was slow" she said "We werent cutting back to the ball From the very start of the game [South County] wanted the game more"The speed might not be an issue for Westfield moving forward this season Wednesday was the first and only time the Bulldogs will play on grass during the regular seasonBeneath the surface Josephs thinks chemistry will pay on-the-field dividends for South County"This squad we have no cliques" she said "Were all one big group" he said:“There are going to be some nervy moments for us early in the year. Carlos Johnson (Cartagines), which some pundits unkindly referred to as a Many of the same characters showed up: Sarah Palin,Jackson is puzzled as to why black Christian voters support President Obama.)The next day’s paper brought word of a well-known doctor unable to diagnose the medical status of the Redskins’ star player,” read one large headline at the top of that Wednesday’s section, "The worker is defenseless"Devine said the court backed the Obama administrations argument that the MSPB cannot review or overturn an agencys decision to take disciplinary or adverse action against an employee in a sensitive position Meanwhile he added the administration is proposing regulations that would make nearly all federal jobs eligible for a sensitive designation The MSPB is the agency that hears appeals by employees of adverse personnel actions against them The MSPB the Office of Personnel Management and the Justice Department had no comment on the decision"The consequences of the majoritys decision will be profound" Judge Timothy B Dyk said in a dissenting opinion "In the [Department of Defense] alone it will affect at least 200000 non-critical sensitive civilian employees whose positions do not require access to security clearances    Numerous employees in other agencies will be affected as well as agencies other than DoD designate positions as non-critical sensitive"The court ruling involves two Defense Department employees not involved in "sensitive" work as reasonable folks would use the term Two employees "were indefinitely suspended and demoted respectively from their positions with the Agency after they were found ineligible to occupy noncritical sensitive positions" the court ruling explainedDevon Haughton Northover was a commissary management specialist for the Defense Commissary Agency Dont let the fancy title fool you With a GS-7 grade level he was a relatively low-level employee who managed inventory in a government store Rhonda K Conyers was a GS-5 accounting technician She "was denied eligibility to occupy her non-critical sensitive position based on financial considerations involving overdue debt in an amount totaling approximately $1000000" according to a legal brief filed by the American Federation of Government Employees Her bills some of which had been canceled included overdue utility payments and she fell behind after her marital separation and divorce"At no time were either Conyers or Northover required to have access to classified information" AFGE said "At no time were either Conyers or Northover required to have a confidential secret or top secret security clearance"“If he ever wanted to [play in the CHL].
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